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ewanicons's Journal

Ewan McGregor Icons
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This is a community for fans of Ewan McGregor to get together and exchange LJ icons, make requests, help each other out, and just in general make the LJ world a more Ewanlicious place ;)

Icons can be of anything Ewan related--his movies, magazine photos, press photos, anything. If it's racy, though, please use the lj-cut tag--we all love to see it, but there could be kids here ;)

We have one very important rule: Please respect other people's icons. If somebody posts their icons, it's fair game (unless they specifically ask for them to not be taken and are just showing them). DO NOT take somebody's personal icon that they are using without asking. Chances are, people will be kind hearted and willing to share, but taking a personal icon without asking is bad. This is one rule we hope to not have to harp on very much :)